Our Principles

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Quality Policy

Delivering quality products comes first on our priority list because it is the most important thing that will help us increase our customer base as well as build trust amongst present buyers. We assure that only the best of products go into our packing facilities. We believe that our customers are our partners in business and their support is pretty important to get onto the next level. Our products not just meet the international quality standards, but are also loved by buyers from all parts of the world. Paytm wholesale strives forward to improve the overall quality management. Everyone should learn from their mistakes, which is why we always try to lessen the number of errors made that in turn helps us make the process even more efficient.

Safety Policy

All our food items abide by the global food safety standards and non-food items are made by making use of remarkable quality materials that are there to last for long. Paytm Wholesale makes use of the safest work practices according to the legal set of laws to make sure that all our workers not only work safely but even pick up work practices to get rid of accidents and injuries, completely.


Getting the delivery of all the ordered products on time is like a blessing and we at Paytm Wholesale make sure that the delivery of all the products exported by us is prompt. We are pretty much obsessed with the quality superiority and well-timed delivery of all our products.

Security Policy

We work in a way which secures us from fear of unmanifested resources being introduced in our goods. Our workers are the principal resource in this attempt and they play a key role in the security measures of our business thereby improving the efficiency in the entire security mechanism. We make sure that the risks involved in the transportation, transfer and stocking of goods are gradually reduced.

Health & Hygiene Policy

We are dedicated to work in a hygienic and healthy work atmosphere. With the help of our employee engagement practices everyone working at Paytm Wholesale is aware of health consciousness and works hard to maintain the health and hygiene of all our employees.

Social Compliance, Legal & Cultural Environment Policy

The practices at Paytm Wholesale comply with all the legal necessities, several ILO conventions as well as use ethical commercial practices concerned with employment and labour. Moreover, child labour is not at all permitted. We make sure fair reimbursement packages with remuneration and benefits complying with the lawfully mandated minimum principles. Our work practices certify freedom of association as well as collective bargaining without any favoritism and nuisance.

Procurement Policy

We not just consider the pricing but also the quality of products that need to be delivered, environmental fortification, social responsibility, morals and professional safety at the time of assessing prospective suppliers and sellers for the provision of goods and services.

Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption Guidelines

None of our employees and people representing us shall be bribing anybody to favour our commercial or business practices. At Paytm Wholesale, we believe in fulfilling all the legal requirements and code of conduct of all of its commerce activities with sincerity, integrity and the best possible ethical standards and truthfully enforce its company practices, whichever nation it operates in, of not engaging in corruption. In case of a detected or reported corruption, we shall quickly take countermeasures to reinforce our Anti Bribery Systems.

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